Weather in Vilnius

Climate of Vilnius is something between „continental“ and „maritime“. Here you can meet all 4 seasons.

Weather in Vilnius – Summer

Summers (June, July, August) are usually refreshing and not very hot. The July average is around + 17 degrees centigrade. Although a few summer days and weeks can be quite hot – with temperatures sometimes climbing over + 30 during the day.

Weather in Vilnius – Winter

Winters in Vilnius can be hardly imagined without pleanty of white snow. Average temperature in Winter is around -5 and -10. In extreme conditions temperature in December – February period can decrease till – 25 or even -30 degree. So winter accessories – such as hats and gloves, scarves and warm coats – are necessary items to pack if you travel Vilnius this time of year.

Weather in Vilnius – Spring and Autumn

Weather in autumn and spring is usually unsettled, so you shouldn‘t forget your umbrella.

Vilnius weather forecast

  • Weather in Vilnius
    Humidity: 100%
    Wind: N at 4 mph
    • Tue
      17°C / 9°C
    • Wed
      19°C / 9°C
    • Thu
      22°C / 8°C
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  • Weather in Vilnius
    • Today
      21°C / 12°C
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