Museums in Vilnius, Lithuania

As a capital city, Vilnius also has a status of Cultural center of Lithuania. Visiting Vilnius museums the one can get a complete understanding of Lithuanian history and art, can follow influence of other cultures, other nations etc.

Below you can find a presentation of Museums in Vilnius with short comments and description.

Discover Vilnius and Lithuania through visiting Vilnius museums!

Museums in Vilnius:

  • The Čiurlionis House in Vilnius – museums in Vilnius

The Čiurlionis House in Vilnius was openen on 1995, commemorating the great Lithuanian composer and Artist M.K. Čiurlionis. Here you will find a memorial room and exposition of M.K. Čiurlionis pictures. The Čiurlionis House in Vilnius is recommended to everyone who want to find out more about M.K.Čiurlionis life and work, to obtain reproductions of this artist’s paintings, to listen to his music or to buy a compact disc. 
Address: Savičiaus str. 11, Vilnius.

  •  Amber Museum and Gallery – museums in Vilnius

Baltic Amber is often being called the Lithuanian Gold. It is really famous and treasured all over the world. Amber museum and Gallery in Vilnius is a museum of this beautiful stone.
Address: St. Mykolo str.8, Vilnius.

  •  Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum – museums in Vilnius

The museum collection consists of a rich items of Jewish folklore, photographs, books, documents, literature, publications etc. Exhibits depict the Holocaust of the Jewish people and their history until World War II.
Address: Pylimo str.4, Vilnius.

  • Genocide Victims Museum – museums in Vilnius

The museum of Genocide victims is quite often being called the KGB museum. The Genocide museum in Vilnius and its‘ exposition is mostly focused on the KGB inner prison, established in the 1940 just after the USSR had occupied Lithuania. Today the prison is maintained as the KGB left it when in August 1991 their activities in Lithuania were officially stopped. The horrifying reality of the Soviet life and Soviet days is reflected in the exposition of the former places of execution and punishment rooms. All these rooms and cells are also open to the public.
Address: Aukų str. 2 A, Vilnius.

  • Lithuania’s National Museum – museums in Vilnius

National Museum of Lithuania – the Oldest museum in Lithuania – was founded by Eustachijus Tiškevičius in 1855. Usually here you find 2 expositions: “Lithuania before Christ” telling about formation of Balts cultural history, people’s daily life and their beliefs. The second one – “Lithuania until the establishment of a nation (1-13th century)” is focused on Lithuania’s trade and commerce, weaponry, ceramics, Lithuania’s ethnic history.
Address: Arsenalo str. 3, Vilnius.

  • Lithuanian Art Museum – museums in Vilnius

Lithuanian Art Museum in Vilnius is quite often being called the Vilnius Painting Gallery. The Lithuanian Art Museum in Vilnius is a best place in the world to get fammiliar with the development of Lithuanian Art, starting from Gothic, Renaissance and up to the nowadays modern art.
Address: Didžioji str.4, Vilnius.

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