Churches in Vilnius

Churches and Temples of different religions – is a feature of Vilnius City. Russian Orthodox churches in Vilnius besides the Catholic Churches, Evangelical Lutheran churche besides the Jewish synagogue in Vilnius - Vilnius gives an opportunity to find different cultures and different religions in one city.

Vilnius Churches is a treasure of the picturisque Old Town.  Besides the luxurious baroque, Vilnius city has magnificent examples of clasicism and elegan gothic.  

Churches in Vilnius Old Town:

  • St. Theresa’s Church – Churches in Vilnius

The St. Theresa’s Churche in Vilnius (Gates of Dawn) – is a example of early Baroque.

  • The Cathedral of Vilnius – Churches in Vilnius

It is believed that Vilnius Cathedral and the Cathedral square is a place of a pagan Perkunas Temple. The Vilnius Cathedral was rebuil many times because of frequent fires and wars. The last version of Vilnius Cathedral was rebuild in a Classical style but traces of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque are reflected in its brick walls.

  • The St. Anne’s and Bernardines’ churches – Churches in Vilnius

The Ensemble of St. Anne’s and Bernardines’ Churches and Bernardines’ Monastery in Vilnius is one of the peculiarities of the Vilnius’ Old Town’s architecture. The St Anne’ s church in Vilnius is the mos famous Gothic building in Lithuania. It was built in the 15th century. According to the legend, the Napolean is to have said that he would like to take St. Anne’s Church in his hands. 

  • St. Catherine’s Church – Churches in Vilnius

    The St. Catherine’s Church in Vilnius is a masterpiece of a late Baroque. The Church seriously suffered during World War II. During the Soviet times the St. Catherine’s Church was a storage for th Vilnius Art Museum. Nowadays this church is often being used for varios events and concerts – due to the wonderful acoustics.

  • St. Johns’ Church – Churches in Vilnius

St. Johns’ Church is a magnificent example of Gothic. The belfry of the St. Johns’ Church is the tallest building in Vilnius Old Town. The heigh of the beltry is 63 meter.

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